Let Calm Become
Natural State

What could you begin to achieve if you found the highest quality rest possible?
What more could you accomplish with an inner, unbreakable calm?

Meet Relax Sounds

Tap Into Your Innermost Calm

Relax Sounds is an easily customizable, downloadable app with high-quality sounds to help users focus, relax or fall asleep. Simple to use, it is compatible with most smartphones and personal devices, offering options that more expensive sound machines can only dream of replicating.

Soothing, Beautiful Design

Easy to use and calming visual design is simple and beautiful. Helps you relax even before the sounds begin.

Flexibility to Fit Your World

Explore the many vistas of sound available for you in the app and customize to your heart's content.

Relaxation – At Your Fingertips

Scientifically proven to soothe your nerves, helping you sleep, reduce anxiety, melt away stress and improve the symptoms of depression.

Best Features


Choose from the many worlds of sound listed or available through search.


Each background can be customized to your liking tools.


The integrated Sleep Timer is perfect to turn on & forget for a good night's sleep.

Rain Sounds

Feel relax to listened ultimate experience for your listening pleasure of rain.




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